Repair a slow laptop

If your portable computer is getting slow, you probably don’t need a professional technician to solve that issue. A laptop becomes “naturally” slow du

Powering a motherboard

Motherboards are an essential element of a computer, although relatively simple. By now, computer manufacturing is quite advanced, and it’s very rare

Printer repair

These days, media like the Wall Street Journal bring news about the amazing capabilities of 3D printing; apparently, a Texas start-up now claims it ca

Laptop overheating

Insufficient cooling is the cause of laptop overheating. The engineering of a laptop is different from the one of a PC and the air flows inside a lapt

No Image: what to do

Turning on a laptop and getting no image is, for many users, more frightening than if it would happen to a PC. In a PC, it is easy to detect a monitor

How to repair a fan

The noise coming from your computer, making it sound almost like a vacuum cleaner, is due to a problem with a fan. Sound is not the only problem; your

Data recovery

Data loss is one of the most feared computer problems people face. Even large firms can suffer from it; the media, like BBC and others, reported widel