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How to repair a fan

How to repair a fan Posted on 25th September 2019

The noise coming from your computer, making it sound almost like a vacuum cleaner, is due to a problem with a fan. Sound is not the only problem; your computer might start overheating if the fan doesn’t work correctly. But this is not a complicated issue to fix – just follow the steps below.

Remove the fan from the computer

Get appropriate screwdrivers, open your computer, find the screws holding the fan and remove it. If you only removed your computer’s bodywork, you could even turn it on and watch the fan and all the system functioning, and confirm there’s a problem with it. However, never try to disassemble the fan while the computer is working.

Remove the split ring

Remove the sticker and then remove the split ring off the shaft, so you can then remove the fan.


Time to use a good lubricant, putting some drops (not too much) on the inside edge of the fan.

Put everything back

While being sure the o-ring is in place, put the fan back and the split ring over it. Reassemble everything.

After putting it in place, you might want to add some drops of lubricant and spin it.

Don’t forget to use canned air to remove dust!