Repair a slow laptop

If your portable computer is getting slow, you probably don’t need a professional technician to solve that issue. A laptop becomes “naturally” slow du

Laptop overheating

Insufficient cooling is the cause of laptop overheating. The engineering of a laptop is different from the one of a PC and the air flows inside a lapt

No Image: what to do

Turning on a laptop and getting no image is, for many users, more frightening than if it would happen to a PC. In a PC, it is easy to detect a monitor

Laptop repair

A laptop malfunctioning can be quite stressful. Portable computers are more difficult to disassemble than PCs and users have a harder time trying to f

Diagnosing Laptop Problems

As with every other device, portable computers can go wrong sometimes. The first instinct is to take it back to the store or some professional, but wa