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Diagnosing Laptop Problems

Diagnosing Laptop Problems Posted on 15th May 2019

As with every other device, portable computers can go wrong sometimes. The first instinct is to take it back to the store or some professional, but wait! For the most frequent issues, you might want to take a look for yourself.


Dust accumulation is the most frequent cause of keyboard malfunction. If the problem affects all keys, the problem may be on the drivers used. Anyway, even if it’s not as easy to solve a laptop keyboard as a PC one, you have a good solution: use a traditional keyboard attached to your laptop, as it would to a PC. In fact, if you’re a freelancer or work a lot on your laptop, you may want to do this permanently, precisely to preserve your laptop keyboard.


SpeedFan is a tool that can help to confirm your feeling about the laptop suffering from overheating. This matter is discussed in detail in another article on this site. Overheating can cause the sudden stop of your system, which stops to avoid further damage.


Used batteries tend to deplete quite fast. There isn’t much to do aside from buying a new one. You can always work as you would with a PC, using your power adaptor always connected.