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Powering a motherboard

Powering a motherboard Posted on 8th February 2020

Motherboards are an essential element of a computer, although relatively simple. By now, computer manufacturing is quite advanced, and it’s very rare that an event like CNN reported in 1998 happens: a large manufacturer, like Intel, to detect flawed motherboards in its shipped products. If your computer doesn’t start and the problem relies on the motherboard, you probably have to replace it.

But you can try a quick fix to solve things before you go to a professional. You’ll need an old motherboard, an old power supply, and the parts to function with the motherboard. Additionally, get yourself a wire cutter, soldering iron, solder and shrink tubing.

How to give power to a dead motherboard

You should:

  • Cut the green cable coming from the power supply to the motherboard, and one of the blacks
  • Insert the shrink tubing on the end of the black cable
  • Solder the ends of the black wire plus the end of the green one that goes to the power supply
  • Cover the end of the green one that goes to the motherboard
  • Plug the power supply without plugging the motherboard. If the fan spins, try again with the motherboard connected.

The move is a little risky, and you should use old material, but if you’re handy, it’s a good try.