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Technology: Computers and Beyond

Technology: Computers and Beyond Posted on 6th August 2019

Technology as a concept has undoubtedly come a long way, even over the last 10 years or so. As a society, there has been a seismic move from computers being a central and relied upon means of communicating, working, storing, finding and handling information, to smaller, handheld and more mobile devices being needed and relied upon. There is a diverse range of devices which we use in day to day lives for a variety of reasons, and that surprisingly, we may actually not be able to live without. Some of the ways we rely heavily on technology that would be severely impacted should our devices break or not work as intended, are as follows:

  • Communication; texting, calling, emailing and being able to get hold of people quickly is something which is expected today and no longer a luxury. Without a mobile or portable means of communicating, it becomes challenging to keep in touch, for everything from social calls with friends, to keeping up with work and even contacting kids or loved ones.
  • Healthcare and emergencies; from being able to physically call a doctor or emergency line, or to be able to leverage research done all over the world, technology has mostly impacted how healthcare is perceived and leveraged.
  • Education; there was a time when technology was not a tool or even a concept in the world of education. Today, however, teachers and educators leverage technology from elementary to post-secondary education. Technology is used for helping children learn about things such as maths and reading but is also used for children who may need assistance or unique requirements to learn. At a post-secondary level, technology is used for communicating between students and educators, and accessing resources, as well as hosting and actually participating in classes and lectures.
  • Travel; one area which is mostly and consistently impacted by how technology evolves and continues to diversify is travel. From security measures to being able to screen travelers more efficiently, to the actual aircraft, trains and automobiles used, technology makes the world a smaller and more accessible place for all, making it easier to get where we need to be and explore and access parts of the world that we may not have been able to do prior.
  • Retail; the world of retail and the way consumers shop has completely changed and evolved, based on the continued evolution and advancement of technology. Consumers can access items from all over the world using digital and online shopping methods, making it easier not only to shop online but to compare prices and value.