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Mouse repair: unwanted double-click

Mouse repair: unwanted double-click Posted on 12th March 2019

One of the most frustrating issues about mouses is the unwanted double click. This could happen even with the best models, that you see on Mashable and other tech portals. Instead of selecting something, the users end up double-clicking. Doing anything quickly becomes an annoyance, and not practical for working. How can you fix the double-click issue?

Disassemble the mouse

This will involve removing batteries, accessing the screws, opening the mouse, identifying the left-click mechanism, and opening it. All these are steps of disassembling until you get to the core of the problem. The last stage can be tricky; you’ll probably need a flat screwdriver to remove the cover and take the button out.

Giving the spring more tension

Eventually, you’ll find the tension spring which makes the clicking mechanism. You should take it out and bend a little, to give it more tension. That way, the mouse will assume your click as just one click, and not two.

Assembling the mouse

Now, reverse the whole process: spring, button, cover, and closing the mouse. This might work just for a few months before it happens again or the spring breaks, and you’ll need a new one or a new mouse. But at least the mouse will be working, for the moment.