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3 Do-It-Yourself Tips For Your Computer

3 Do-It-Yourself Tips For Your Computer Posted on 8th February 2019

A professional’s work is always the best way to ensure that a computer is kept in good health. Untrained people can’t simply search online for instructions and do complex tasks of computer repair. But there are several small steps that the user could, and should, do for himself to keep the efficiency of his machine on a high. Before considering to contact a professional, take these actions of basic computer maintenance.


Malware and viruses are among the most common threats for computers. Today, the problem is not as severe as in the past; almost everyone has a good, basic, free antivirus program that thwarts the most common threats (together with Windows Firewall). But the risks are always there and you might check a good antivirus tool, like Bitdefender and Kaspersky.


Nowadays, computers arrive pre-installed with a ton of “commercial” software that you won’t really use, like programs to manage pictures, prints, and so on. It’s an immediate weight to the functioning of your hard drive and your operating system. If you’re not going to use those pre-installed programs that are not needed for the computer to run, then remove them. You can evaluate the computer’s functioning after that.


If your computer is short on disk space or your RAM (Random Access Memory) appears to be insufficient, you can do an upgrade for yourself. It’s easier than most people think. You need to buy the new component, open your computer and replace the old for the new. This is especially easy for replacing the RAM; the hard drive will need you to reinstall Windows, but it’s feasible.