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Signs Your Computer Needs to Be Repaired

Signs Your Computer Needs to Be Repaired Posted on 2nd February 2021

Some people wrongly assume that the only time their computer needs to be repaired by a professional is when it has physical damage. While that is always an obvious problem that should be handled urgently, there are other signs that people ignore but could ultimately end up ruining the whole computer.

The Signs

  • Computer refuses to turn on: You first need to check that the battery is fully charged or connected to a source of power. Suppose it is still not coming on, or it goes off immediately when you switch it on. In that case, something is definitely wrong with your computer.
  • It is slower than normal: Your computer is likely to become slower the more you use it. There are many reasons why your computer could be slow, and you need to check them out. However, suppose you are experiencing a slow computer even when you are only running basic functions. In that case, you need to have it repaired and probably have some programmes updated.
  • You get error codes: A sure sign that your computer is having issues is when you get an error code. This could be when you boot up the computer or in the middle of using the machine.
  • Randomly restarts: Have you ever experienced your computer suddenly going off or randomly rebooting without any prompting? When this happens, the computer is signalling you that it is becoming overwhelmed.
  • You get many pop-ups: When your computer keeps getting pop-ups, there are high chances that it has a virus. This is very risky if not dealt with immediately. In no time, your computer could end up crashing completely.

The moment you notice your computer is not running as expected, do not try to do your own repairs that go beyond the basics. Never open your computer unless you are sure of what you are doing. Take it to the experts and have them repair it for you.