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Setting up a PC Repair Business

Setting up a PC Repair Business Posted on 6th March 2022

Suppose you actually have some knowledge and experience of repairing computers or laptops. In that case, you could consider setting up your own business. There will undoubtedly be a lot of individuals who will be prepared to pay to have their PC repaired, rather than trying to attempt it themselves. You could either work from home or hire premises. When you are just starting, you may not have the budget to open up a business, and it could be easier to do the repairs in your home.

Transport for a Repair Business

If you opt for working from home, it may not be feasible to expect your customers to visit you. Ideally, you would need to fetch their device and then return it to them. This requires the use of safe and sturdy transport, as you don’t want to be responsible for breaking their expensive equipment. A small van would be perfect, and you can fit it with racking from the renowned company of worksystem, who specialise in shelving systems.

Fitting Out Your Van

You will need to have protective cladding and ample storage space in your van, and the professional technicians at worksystem will be able to advise you of the options. If you are transporting computers, you need to ensure they will not move around while you are driving, especially if you need to brake sharply. A cargo securing kit would hold your precious items in place and can be easily installed by the worksystem engineers.

Service in Your Customer’s Homes

A unique selling point that could put you ahead of your competitors would be to offer to repair the PC in the customer’s own home. This would give them peace of mind, as the expensive product would not be out of their sight at any time. Obviously, you would need to carry a range of spare parts in your van, and having drawers installed by worksystem would be the best option. You could even have an underfloor drawer unit to make the most of your space.

Setting up a PC repair business requires forward planning but can be a lucrative career in the long run.